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A quick update

January 29, 2011

Hi there! I just wanted to post a quick update about where things are at. First, there will be a class at Scrap Inn Jammies Friday, February 4th at 7pm. We will be doing *4* projects (although only 2 are on display at the shop right now). The third project will incorporate this flower here and the fourth is an alternative style card. (I think you’ll like it!) This will likely be my last class offered at the shop… I’ll fill you in on the details on Friday.

As for this blog… I started another blog over on blogger but to be honest, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I’m just not moved to keep up with blogging cards right now. Things are just so busy around my house that I’m not finding the time to craft that I would like and I’m stressing about making just *one* card just for the purpose of blogging and it’s driving me nuts. It’s silly, really. So I decided to not continue with it for the time being.

That said, I’m mulling over some ideas about continuing to blog within a slightly different context. I would still post some cards, but not all the time. I’m also working with some ideas of making my cards into a ministry (still lots of things to be sorted out and questions to be answered there). Part of that might include offering classes somewhere other than the shop in town. Time will tell. That’s all for now!

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